2033: The Year Things Fell Apart

Coming Soon – Launch – July 2024

A hyperreal tapestry of the death of a nation!”

A disputed election…a terrifying future!

Em, with her partner Ava and stepdaughter Sophia, left a tiny East Coast apartment for a lucrative IT job in Louisville that could fund their future.

The disputed 2032 U.S. election and the rise of a powerful neo-fascist demagogue lays waste to her dreams while Em struggles to survive in the belly of the beast itself. Her government contract job brings her into contact with the most hated media figures of the new regime. She can hurt them, but at what risk in a place where her family’s queer identity makes them a target?

In the rising fire of a Civil War, Em must struggle to survive and preserve something of her hopes, her family, or even herself.


Presents a realistic and chilling look at a dystopian world that may lie just around the corner. Beltway insider and political wonk James Gordon is writing again with Alternative Sexuality Educator Rebecca Doll to present a sobering look at a future that may be too close to our own for comfort.